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Learn about our educational offers on IBM i, RPG, PHP, & DB2: learn how to combine your current skills with RPG ILE, SQL, DB2 Triggers and cross platform technologies to increase development productivity and performance, resulting in doing more with less through efficiency.


Our instructor has 26 years of experience in “real life” business application development recognized by IBM as an author of RPG certification exams. Each student is tested and evaluated throughout training to reinforce and assess the education provided. 


Combine your current Mid Range skills with other cross platform technologies to increase development productivity and performance, resulting in developer's doing more with less through efficiency.

Learn Hands-On How To

  • Strengthen your applications and data foundation

  • Increase programmer throughput

  • Reduce firefighting and troubleshooting efforts

  • Improve the efficiency of your business

  • Reduce cloning and reinventing

  • Leverage your current IBM i investment

  • Overcome limitations

  • Retain and improve customized software that fits your business



For 33 years, Chris has focused on empowerment solutions for organizations challenged by aging software systems, obsolete IT procedures, and out of date technical staff skills. He has recently been recruited by IBM to work on creating Watson (Artificial Intelligence) integration programs on IBM i for small / medium size businesses.  He is well versed in numerous programming languages, such as: PSQL, RPG, IBM i CL, PHP, JavaScript, & HTML, and  he is also an expert in several operating systems including Infor Application Plus, IBM i, Lotus Notes, Zend Server, Linux, plus many more open source utilities!


Course 0


Introduction to RPG for Non-RPG Programmers

This workshop prepares students having no RPG knowledge or experience, for the subsequent courses in this series. You will learn basic concepts and terminology regarding how the RPG language is used to solve business problems on the IBM i (AS/400) platform. This course is designed for programmers with experience in other programming languages and basic knowledge of database concepts.

This is an intense RPG programming training workshop which explore the modern RPG language and problem solving methodology on the IBM i (formerly AS/400), up to and including the latest release. You will receive sufficient exposure and hands on experience to become productive writing programs in RPG IV right away. Emphasis is on free form style - no fixed form is taught. This course is designed for either programmers experienced in legacy fixed form versions of RPG, or programmers experienced in other languages without any RPG background.

Course 1


Not Your Father's RPG

Course 2


Procedures & ILE Programming

This RPG programming training workshop helps transform the RPG programmer's way of thinking from traditional to more object oriented. Procedures help make your applications extensible and flexible. The Integrated Language Environment (ILE) allows business logic written in different languages to collaborate and co-exist seamlessly to support enterprise-wide applications. You will learn how to leverage the benefits of the ILE architecture by organizing key business logic into tiny granules, such that it is written once and used throughout the application. Students will also learn how to interface with external programs and procedures more reliably.

This RPG programming training workshop investigates ways to combine the unique powers of RPG IV and SQL development environments to provide even more flexibility and functionality. You will learn how to enable SQL and RPG to complement one another in a business application, especially when one is better suited for a particular task than the other. This course is designed for programmers who have become proficient in the RPG IV language and are seeking better ways for their applications to harvest data.

Course 3



A 1-2 Punch

Course 4


Triggers & API's

This RPG programming training workshop exhibits how to utilize database triggers, built into DB2, in order to better enforce business rules. API's provide access to IBM i resources above and beyond those of RPG IV and i/OS. You will learn how to give your business logic a more "event driven" design, thus making it less defined by software and more defined by the database itself. Also, how to interface with or manipulate various IBM i objects via API's. This course is designed for programmers who have become proficient in the RPG IV and are seeking to improve the integrity of their database, as well as take advantage of more resources available on their IBM i or other platforms on their network.

This RPG programming training workshop explores ways to utilize IBM i programming techniques to enhance your 3rd party software without making modifications to their code, thus dramatically simplifying the deployment of new software releases. You will learn how to extend the event driven philosophy from Course 4 to include your modification programming efforts, thus getting mods out of the vendor's code and into external objects under your control. This course is designed for programmers whose workload includes support of 3rd party software and execution of user requests for modifications to those software applications.

Course 5


Externalizing Modifications

Course 6


Extending to the Web - A "Primer"

This RPG programming training workshop demonstrates how to utilize IBM supplied tools to bridge the gap between your mission critical RPG business logic and the World Wide Web. You will learn how to enable your RPG programs to output to web browsers on a real time basis, and thus generate dynamic web pages with your IBM i business data. This course is designed for programmers who are proficient in RPG IV and are looking to provide browser based access to their IBM i data and legacy RPG business functions.

This RPG programming training workshop takes the SQL/RPG relationship to the next level, such that RPG may become less the application driver and more the application supporter. Since SQL is a cross platform development environment, this will make your applications friendlier to other platforms in your network. You will learn how to use SQL to extend your core business logic which is securely rooted in RPG. At the same time, you will be exposed to problem solving techniques that are building blocks to low risk modernization strategies. This course is designed for programmers who are proficient in both RPG IV and SQL, and are looking to shift some of the application load off RPG and/or modernize that application from its strategic core outward.

Course 7


Advanced SQL & RPG -  The 

Knockout Punch

Course 8


Rational Developer for Power

Introduction / Primer

This workshop introduces students to IBM's Rational Developer for Power software product (RDP) and how it can be used to carry out their daily duties on IBM i (AS/400). You will learn how to get started and be quickly productive with this product. For those who have used IBM's Programming Development Manager (PDM), how to make the transition gracefully. This course is designed both for programmers who are new to IBM i, as well as those who have a wealth of experience with traditional IBM i tools such as PDM, Source Entry Utility (SEU) and Screen Design Aid (SDA).

The GEMKO "Jump-Start" Package includes the installation of the DB2 Web Query Tool on your IBM i, migration of up to 10 existing Query/400 queries, the creation of two New DB2 Web Queries (no more than two file joins), and a Jump-Start DB2 Web Query training session for up to 4 employees on how to create queries (a 1/2 day educational course is included under this offer).


DB2 Web Query for IBM i


Business Analytics & Report Distribution


PHB for IBM i


Graphical User Interface

(GUI) Enablement

The GEMKO "Jump-Start" package includes the installation of Zend PHP on your IBM i and the creation of a "Pilot" browser based application integrated with OS/400 DB2 data (application to include up to 2 screens, 20 columns of data from no more than 3 files, column level sorting, and the function to create excel spreadsheet).

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