Empowering Your Company's Future

Our repeatable methodology is a journey, not a destination. Each step in the process delivers value and ROI in weeks or months opposed to years. The process removes system limitations, lowers the total cost of ownership, and reduced risks, all while leveraging your current investments and minimizing business disruption. Through education and optimization, Modernization empowers your business, your technology, and your staff.

IBMi Application Modernization

One of our core competences is consulting with companies to Modernize their application software. With our years of business experience, we work with our clients in a structured fashion to address their needs. The value we offer is our business experience in helping our clients:‚Äč

  • Leverage and exploit existing investments

  • Imposes minimal disruption to business

  • Yields value and ROI through steady continuous improvements

  • Manages investment and pace through our defined repeatable process (all value is retained up to the point of stoppage)

  • Minimized additional 3rd party licensing fees

  • Strengthens databases and core applications vs. just taking green screens to a graphical interface

  • Requires a minimal commitment, risk, and investment to get started

Our Modernization solutions protects software investments by equipping them to better meet the needs of your changing business. This is accomplished by:

  • Removing the system's limitations

  • Lower their total cost of ownership

  • Reducing the risks/exposures associated with legacy applications

  • Leveraging your investments in people and the IBM native tooling

  • Education and empowering your staff to sustain the applications

  • A dedicated focus of minimal business disruption throughout the process

Protect Software Investments

  • Lowers your application's total cost of ownership

  • Yields ROI in weeks/months vs. years

  • Provides direction and a process for strengthening your applications (a continuous improvement journey)

Immediate Benefits

  • Sustains their longevity

  • Removes their constrains and limitations

  • Positions them to be responsive to your business needs now and in the future

  • Extends their accessibility and interoperability

  • Leverages past investments in them

Application Enhancements

  • Provides your end users with unconstrained software, positioning them to better perform their job and serve your customers

  • Positions the executive team to have confidence in the data they are using to make critical business decisions

  • Strengthens and empowers the skills of your I.T. staff, unleashing their capacity

Positive Impact on Staff

  • Companies who:

  • have constrained IBM i custom software applications

  • have exposure due to limited software application knowledge centered on and dependent on a few experts

  • spend a majority of their I.T. budget just on maintaining custom software

Who Should Consider Modernization?

  • Legacy software applications needs to be flexible and adaptive to service your customers and meet the changing needs of your business

  • Doing nothing negatively impacts your business today and ultimately impacts your bottom-line

  • Our solution is more cost effective and less disruptive then replacing your customized software

Why Should You Modernize?

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